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Selected Colour: Slate White

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Selected Color: Graphite

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Your Floor Spec’s

FLOOR SIZE: 6m x 4m Rectangle


160 – Graphite Diamond Tile(s)

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Floor Style Reference

Smoked Oak
12" Tile 

A classic Oak look with a twist. Bring the outdoors in with the natural charm of a SnapLock® Smoked Oak dance and event floor. With soft, smoky hues and a neutral appearance, the clean visual lines of this versatile design makes it a perfect choice for both rustic interiors and contemporary spaces. Topped with a commercial-grade finish, it’s easy to clean and will never require refinishing.    

$163.64 inc GST (sq/ft)
Slate Black XXL
12" Tile 
SLATE BLACK will never go out of fashion and our SnapLock® Slate Black modular flooring system will deliver a sleek and sophisticated look for many years to come. With a simple black finish and subtle texture, this modern tile emits a shine and stays clean and polished even after repeated use. Pair it with SnapLock® Slate White tiles for a classic chequered style
$163.64 inc GST (sq/ft)
Slate White XXL
12" Tile 

SLATE WHITE White brightens any space and offers a cool, clean look that’s understated yet glamourous. The stark white finish and subtle texture of SnapLock’s® Slate White floor tile complements any surrounding colour scheme and emits a shine that never fades, even after repeated use. Combine it with SnapLock® Slate Black to create a timeless chequered dance floor

$163.64 inc GST (sq/ft)
Marble Lux Black
12" Tile 

LUXE MARBLE BLACK Add a touch of class with a SnapLock® Luxury Black Marble dance and event floor. This high-gloss, luxurious looking tile creates a refined finish that’s perfect for black-tie or formal occasions in both modern or traditional settings. The black base colour prevents scuff marks and ensures your floor remains brighter and cleaner for longer. Combine it with SnapLock® Luxury White Marble for added high-end flair

$15.36 inc GST (sq/ft)
Marble Lux White
12" Tile 

LUXE MARBLE WHITE The elegance of a SnapLock® Luxury White Marble dance floor makes it a perfect choice for grand events such as weddings and formals. The white base is infused with grey veining and topped with a high-gloss finish to create an expensive look that’s classy and luxurious. Add dark touches with SnapLock® Luxury Black Marble floor tiles for a traditional monochromatic style.

$15.36 inc GST (sq/ft)
Cedar XXL – Discontinued ( Limited Stock Available ) SOLD OUT
12" Tile 
This timeless Cedar dance floor has a continuous wood pattern and an easy to maintainDiscountinued Stock
$134.55 inc GST (sq/ft)
12" Tile 

TEAK The natural beauty of a SnapLock® Teak dance and event floor lays in its rich parquet design that’s as durable as the hardwood it draws its inspiration from. This classic flooring style has stood the test of time and remains a popular choice for both relaxed and formal occasions. Its commercial grade scuff-resistant top makes it an excellent option for walkways and high-traffic areas both indoors and out.

$15.36 inc GST (sq/ft)
12" Tile 

OAK Our ever-popular SnapLock® Oak dance and event floor is a firm favourite across the hospitality and rental flooring industry, and owes its enduring appeal to its timeless parquet design that allows it to effortlessly blend in with any environment. This versatile tile features an industrial-grade finish to achieve a resilient and low-maintenance floor that’s easy to clean and will never fade or break.

$15.36 inc GST (sq/ft)