RaceDeck Garage Flooring Designer

1. Size

Select a preset size or custom size and shape.

2. Choose Your Colour & Style

Choose a common Floor Pattern
Style 1 :

Selected Colour: Black

Add edge (Front)

Add edge (Side A)

Add edge (Side B)

Add edge (Back)

3. Customize Individual Tiles

Select the tile and colour you want to customize your floor, then click on the tiles in the preview area to add in your custom tiles.

Selected Color: Graphite

Click V to Fill line down Click V to Fill line down

Your Floor Spec’s

FLOOR SIZE: 6m x 4m Rectangle


160 – Graphite Diamond Tile(s)

Your Floor Total

[insert_php] $_GET[‘cate’] = ‘racedeck-garage-flooring’; include(get_template_directory().’/designer_real.php’); [/insert_php] inc. GST

Floor Style Reference

RaceDeck Freeflow
12" Tile 
A Self-Draining Garage Flooring System  
$6.09 inc GST (sq/ft)
RaceDeck Tuffshield
12" Tile 
High-gloss garage floor to create your own custom showroom
$7.91 inc GST (sq/ft)
RaceDeck Diamond
12" Tile 

The original Racedeck diamond tread garage flooring tileĀ 

$6.27 inc GST (sq/ft)