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30.5cm x 30.5cm


The SnapLock Oak parquet design dance floor features a commercial-grade finish that is easy to clean and never requires refinishing. This is a very popular style flooring with the hospitality and rental industry.

  • Lightweight and easily portable – Only 9kg  per 91.5cm x 91.5cm combined  panels
  • Engineered for both indoor and outdoor use – It’s 100% waterproof and resistant to warping and staining.
  • Installation is a “SNAP”! No tools required – simply “snap” together to form any size custom floor
  • Made in the USA


PowerLock™ Technology

This patented positive interlocking system creates the most advanced and durable dance floors in the industry. Installation is a Snap! – No tools, no screws, and no finicky cam locks

  • Engineered to withstand the unique demands of the special event and hospitality industries
  • PowerLocks handle extreme loads (up to 10 Tonnes!) and keep panels securely locked together during your events
  • Multi-patented “Step-N-Snap” design makes SnapLock floors the easiest to install and most reliable portable floors on the market

SnapLock® Superstructure


  • NoWalk™ technology – Over 840 support posts per square foot ensure your SnapLock floor stays put through the entire event
  • Self-draining design keeps your event high and dry – up to half an inch of water can flow freely under your floor
  • Engineered to handle rolling loads up to 10 Tonnes



Give your Dance Floor a finished look with our  30.5cm x 7.6cm” beveled edge piece, which shares the same interlocking system as the tiles and simply snaps into place.


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