Garage Installation Instructions

Why is RaceDeck Australia's most popular garage flooring?

RaceDeck is backed by over 30 years of research and experience. Its commercial grade design is widely acclaimed as the toughest modular flooring product available on the market. Making it the perfect DIY garage floor for both residential and commercial applications. Installing RaceDeck is a breeze. It can be put together or taken apart in a matter of hours thanks to its intelligent multi-patented locking system. RaceDeck's quality is also backed by a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty. Watch the installation video below or follow our 8 step guide on how to set up RaceDeck.

Step 1

Temporarily clear the area of any obstructions (such as toolboxes, fridges or materials) and ensure the floor is cleaned before installing RaceDeck.

Step 2

Lay your first RaceDeck panel module in the corner between the longest wall and garage door. Place the tile so that the female loops point away from the wall and garage door.

Step 3

Place the second floor panel adjacent to the first ensuring that its male pegs are on top of the female loops. (Making sure that the all panel loops point in the same direction as the loops of the first panel) Gently step on the connection to snap the floor panels together.

Step 4

Put down a single row of panels across the chosen wall. Keep a gap of approximately 12mm distance between the floor and the wall for expansion.

Step 5

Next lay the second row along the garage door. This means that your garage floor should form an “L” shape.

Step 6

Install the rest of the garage floor working along the longest wall and garage door repeatedly.

Step 7

For small spaces you can trim a panel to fit any shape or size. (Make sure you allow the 12mm gap for expansion between floor and wall) When using a jigsaw, table saw, utility knife check that you follow the safety guidelines of the product manufacturer.

Step 8

Installation is complete and ready for use! Now you can show off your garage to friends, family and neighbours.

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