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RaceDeck® Commercial Garage Flooring

Innovatively engineered over the course of 30 years RaceDeck is the premium flooring choice of Australia's commercial sector. RaceDeck has been carefully designed and tested to ensure strength and durability. Its patented Diamond Superstructure enables RaceDeck to support rolling loads over twenty tonnes. RaceDeck is also resistant to a number of petroleum products, common chemicals and is 100% waterproof making it almost impossible to stain.

RaceDeck commercial garage flooring designs can transform any garage, workshop or warehouse into a professional workplace. Exhibit Flooring provides 3 classic patterns specifically created for commercial use, which come in a choice of 12 colours. RaceDeck is extremely adaptable and has been used for garages, offices, trade shows and displays.

Installing your RaceDeck floor can be done in 2 simple steps. Its PowerLock Step-N-Snap system means that no glue, nails or tools are required. This system ensures that each module is firmly locked together while allowing for thermal expansion. RaceDeck's design and size also makes it easy to dismantle and put it into storage.

At Exhibit Floors we appreciate the importance of a reliable product. That's why we provide a 12 year warranty guarantee on all RaceDeck products. For professional commercial garage flooring advice and design ideas contact the Exhibit Flooring team on (03) 9303 9051.

RaceDeck Modular Flooring Features

  • PowerLock Step-N-Snap system
  • Strong and durable Diamond Superstructure
  • Resistant to water, most chemicals and petroleums
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Self-draining design options
  • Quick DIY installation
  • Slip resistant design
  • 3 patterns and 12 colours
  • 12 year warranty
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